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FlameSafe® Firestop Device
Creates an instant cold seal against fire, smoke and toxic gases
on plastic pipes and non-metallic conduits

The FlameSafe® Firestop Device (FSD), available in several sizes, is a simple solution to PVC, CPVC and non-metallic conduit installations. Manufactured from a durable galvanized steel outer shell that is lined with highly intumescent, malleable fill material, it easily wraps around a pipe to produce an immediate cold gas fire seal. The device, also called a “collar,” bolts together and is affixed by screws to the wall or underside of a floor.

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FlameSafe® Intumescent Sleeve
Firestops Both Sides of Wall or Floor with One Installation
The FlameSafe® Intumescent Sleeve (FSIS) is a firestop seal for PVC, cc-PVC, CPVC, FRPP, PP and ABS pipe and rigid nonmetallic conduit installations. Easily installed without modification, steel bolts or fasteners, the FSIS is an ideal approach for firestopping combustible pipes penetrating the uneven contours of a concrete fluted deck assembly and eliminates the need for collars or wrap strips. The FlameSafe® Intumescent Sleeve easily wraps around pipes and is manufactured from a durable 28 gauge galvanized steel outer shell that is lined with FlameSafe® FSP 1100, a highly intumescent, malleable material. It is installed with either fiberglass tape, pop rivets or stainless steel hose clamps around the pipe. When used in conjunction with the FS 900+ or FS 1900 caulk, it produces an immediate smoke seal.
US Patent No. 6,207,085.

FlameSafe® Intumescent Wrap Strip Collar
Resilient Strip Designed to Firestop Combustible Penetrants
The FlameSafe® Intumescent Wrap Strip (FSWS) Collar utilizes the FlameSafe® Intumescent Wrap Strip (FSWS) in conjunction with a sheet metal restraining collar to direct the expansion of the wrap strip into the penetrant item during a fire. The restraining collar and FSWS are available separately in 12 and 25 foot rolls respectively or as preassembled devices.
US Patent No. 6,207,085.