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Product Selection Guide

ARC Protection Products

FlameSafe® AFT Series Fire-Retardant Arc Tape
PVC-based tape was designed for use in well ventilated areas. An excellent blend of performance and economy, this tape is backed by tough conformable non-woven backing that will not melt off or split during a fire as unbacked thermoplastic films.
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FlameSafe® Arc Proof Sleeve
The FlameSafe Arc Proof Sleeve is a custom dip-molded product that has been designed for application onto large power and utility cables. These Arc Proof Sleeves are custom designed to provide fire and fault arc protection for large electrical power cables that are not easily protected by the conventional arc proof tapes. The Arc Proof Sleeve is intended for arc faults, flame resistance and saltwater immersion in underground vaults.
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FlameSafe® Arc Proof Y-Splice Boots
FlameSafe Custom Dip-Molded Arc Proof Y-Splice Boots are available in any size to meet the special needs of utilities and heavy industrial users. These boots are custom designed to provide fire and fault arc protection for cable connectors not easily protected with standard tape products, custom sizes are also available. FlameSafe custom boots have been tested and approved by Consolidated Edison in New York for fault arcing, flame resistance and salt water immersion in underground vaults and structures.
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FlameSafe® Arc Protection Products
FlameSafe Arc Protection Products are designed to limit the propagation of fire on electrical conductors such as cables in trays, loose cable bundles and other cable installations.

FlameSafe® C 700+ Elastomeric Spray
FlameSafe C700+ Elastomeric Spray is a water-based, ready-to-use, spray. Factory Mutual approved, it is designed to prevent vertical or horizontal propagation of fire along grouped or single cables. C700+ is suitable for interior or exterior applications. It is UV resistant and virtually unaffected by radiation exposure.
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FlameSafe® CF Series Cable Tray Blanket
The FlameSafe CF Series Cable Tray Blanket is chlorine-free, fire- etardant and provides a quick, clean and easy way to protect cable trays from fire and physical damage. It prevents fire from spreading from a lower tray to an upper tray.When used in conjunction with a FlameSafe Bag, it will limit the spread of fire within the tray itself.
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FlameSafe® CFR Series Fire retardant Arc Tape
Non-halogenated, chlorine-free tape was developed to answer the need for a nontoxic, low smoke product for areas in which there are people or equipment. It extends the protection to single cables or small cable bundles that would be impractical to spray.When burned, it forms a tough ceramic tube to protect cable.
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FlameSafe® Quick Seal Cable End Caps
FlameSafe Quick Seal Cable End Caps are a no-fuss answer to all of your cable capping needs. These inexpensive vinyl caps are partially filled with a pliable butyl mastic sealant. They are designed to produce an instant seal against moisture and corrosion.