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Product Selection Guide

Sprayable Sealant

FlameSafe® FS 3000 Spray
Elastomeric, Sprayable Firestop
FlameSafe® FS 3000 is a water based, elastomeric firestop that is designed for spray applications onto construction joints and curtain wall joint assemblies. FS 3000 cures to form a flexible membrane seal. The FS 3000 has been tested to dynamic conditions in accordance with ASTM E1399 relating to seismic, wind sway and thermal expansion/contraction environments.
Sound Transmission Class (STC) Rating 62. The ease of application provides an efficient way to firestop.

FlameSafe® FS 2000 Spray
Sprays on and cures to an elastomeric membrane seal preventing the spread of flames, smoke, hot gases and water through construction joints, curtain wall assemblies and general construction gaps and voids • Economical means of installation on long joint runs.
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